I transform objects through multiples to offer new meanings and dialogue.  The more an object is repeated, the more possibility it has of being unrecognizable as a singular object because it is viewed as a singular mass. This mirrors the way I grapple with my own identity as a twin - being viewed as an individual and part of a whole.


I also want to challenge the viewer to question the textures, patterns, and organic entities placed before them as I strip materials of their commonplace function. Light is important because it emphasizes a blurred distinction between familiar reflective surfaces and in some cases creates a paradox of fragility.  I want to make the mundane mystical.


Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Stoler first started finding his artistic voice while attending Central High School.  Stoler graduated from Denison University in Ohio with a BA in Studio Art and Biology in 2016.  Since then, he has shown a collection of work in Chicago, Milwaukee, Omaha, and completed a ceramics residency in France.  Stoler currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska and is a physician assistant.

Email: stoler_e1@denison.edu

IG: @evanstolerart




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