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I want to challenge viewers to question the textures, patterns, and organic entities placed before them as I strip supplies of their commonplace function. With each piece I create or utilize a mechanical process and repeat that process to develop a form or effect.  . Inspiration for the creations is drawn from various crafts involving textiles, wood, and paper, for example.  Light is important because it emphasizes a blurred distinction between familiar reflective surfaces and in some cases creates a paradox of fragility. My work is a testament to the monotony of the daily grind and revealing the beauty in the mundane.


Evan Stoler (born 1993 NE USA) graduated from Denison University in Ohio with a BA in Studio Art and Biology in 2016.  Since then, he has shown collections of work in Chicago, Omaha, and other galleries in the Midwest.  Stoler was an A. I. R. Vallauris ceramics resident in France in 2017 and a PADA resident in Portugal in 2022.  The Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards nominated Stoler as “Outstanding Emerging Visual Artist” in 2022.  Stoler is currently represented by Anderson O'Brien Fine Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.


IG: @evanstolerart




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