I want to challenge viewers to question the textures, patterns, and organic entities placed before them as I strip materials of their commonplace function. With each piece, I create or utilize a mechanical process of sorts and repeat that process to develop a form or effect.  Light is important because it emphasizes a blurred distinction between familiar reflective surfaces and in some cases creates a paradox of fragility. I choose to predominately utilize media that reflects light because, from a psychological and evolutionary basis, humans are attracted to shiny surfaces - being linked to water and serving a purpose for fulfilling our innate needs. My work is a testament to the monotony of the daily grind and finding beauty in the mundane.


Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Stoler first started finding his artistic voice while attending Central High School.  Stoler graduated from Denison University in Ohio with a BA in Studio Art and Biology in 2016.  Since then, he has shown collections of work in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Omaha galleries, and completed a ceramics residency in France.  Stoler will be a PADA resident in Portugal in 2022.

Email: stoler_e1@denison.edu

IG: @evanstolerart