It Was All A Blur

30 x 30 x 30

Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

April 16 - July 17, 2021

The materials used for this ongoing exploration harken back to childhood wonder with the work inspired by crafts that required Elmer's glue and meals dyed with food coloring. After losing my father to a battle with cancer and moving home with my mother because of the pandemic, I find myself surrounded by these childhood memories juxtaposed with thoughts of death, afterlife, unknown, and the beyond. The blur from the pouring and layering of the glue sheets and its translucent properties provides an entrance into a depth that cannot be measured, yet indicates the passage of time.

The blur is transcendence. 

30 x 30 x 30 is an annual juried art exhibition where 30 artists are selected after a proposal submission to make a piece of artwork everyday for the month of January.  Each piece needs to be within 6" x 6" x 6" parameters. 



Petshop Gallery, Omaha, NE

July 3 - August 27, 2020

      This collection is a challenge to examine and transform food scraps or “trash” into texturally and visually intriguing works of art.  As a society, humans place value on the parts consumed whether it be the seed or the fruit because they provide taste and nourishment. Then, almost immediately, the remaining parts are deemed worthless and tossed aside with their beautiful intricacies overlooked.  For example, in the piece “Woven,” the viewer is confronted with a paneling of sunflower seed shells and can now distinguish and appreciate the varied nuances of color, shade, and line that exist within the grid. 

       Stylistically, I showcase natural and industrial effects by presenting a range of material manipulation.  Little intervention can be seen in “Reveal” spanning to a more laborious process with utilizing three different sizes of circular punches in “Target.”  This is a reflection of the gambit in which humans approach and control both food production and food aesthetics. 

      Furthermore, I want the viewer to contemplate themes of persistence and even afterlife.  The materials, once part of a thriving organism, continue to age and offer meaning after being devoid of the cellular physicality that would warrant them alive.


Installation at Kitchen Table - August, 2020

1415 Farnam St. Omaha, NE 68102


While Supplies Last

CHOICE Custom Framing & Gallery, Omaha, NE

January 4 - February 28, 2019

This exhibition began as the 30 x 30 x 30 challenge at Var Gallery in Milwaukee, but While Supplies Last is an opportunity to be more intentional about the arrangement of the collection in a gallery space and expand on the multiples motif.  The work is paired for their conceptual and/or formal qualities with 21 works total.  Because the viewer is confronted with two pieces of art placed side-by-side, similarities and differences, likes and dislikes are automatically and, arguably, inherently extrapolated and teased apart.  This mirrors how the public has interpreted and projected its views on me in relation to my fraternal twin brother.

artshow outside.jpg
artshow wall.jpg
squares side by side.jpg
pencil erasr square.jpg


Bulk Discount

Heaven Gallery in Wicker Park, Chicago

March 24 - April 30, 2017

This seven-piece collection features 2-D, 3-D, and installation pieces all built from objects that exist in bulk when purchased: staple rows, syringe lids, Smarties, tape rolls, eggshells, and plastic spoons.  Some sculptural work are highlights from undergrad, and the eggshell pieces (as seen on the exhibit card) are my initial attempts at portraying how to handle multiples on a 2-D surface.  Bulk Discount is accentuating the duplication norm and bending dimensionality so these materials occupy space in unexpected and playful ways.  Preciousness and the fourth dimension, or treating time as a physical entity, are themes that link the collection, and the space is shared with work by James Kao.

pod view.jpg